About Us

Blue Crab Editorial Services was established to fill a niche and achieve a dual purpose:

(1) Provide a spectrum of editorial services that meet the diverse and changing needs of the publishing industry.

(2) Provide unparalleled instructional materials in both English and Chinese to educational publishers.

In both areas, the company has been highly successful and has earned a sterling reputation for excellence. For trade publishers, we can provide developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, and ghostwriting services for a wide range of topics and subject areas.

For educational publishers, we can manage, develop, and deliver high-quality products for kindergarten through Grade 12 in areas such as Language Arts, ELL Support, English Language Development, History/Social Studies, Assessment, Struggling Reader Support, and Mandarin Chinese.

We are one of the few companies to offer full-service, dual-language editorial support in both English and Chinese. The team is composed of U.S.-based, bilingual editors and includes native speakers in each language.

Blue Crab Editorial is dedicated to uncompromising excellence. Our success hinges on our ability to adapt to our clients’ diverse needs, quickly understand the full scope and unique challenges of each project, and mutually determine clear goals and objectives. It also relies on our ability to work with our clients’ limitations and constraints—budget, schedule, scope, or otherwise.